08/07/18 Good evening from Penang! It took us over 28 hours to get from Koh Tao to Penang in the end; a boat, a night train, many hours in immigration, another train, a bus, and a final boat. I actually really like nights trains, even though I never sleep properly, I just love watching the… Continue reading Penang

Sa Pa

03/05/18 On the evening of the 1st May, we took the night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then a minibus to Sa Pa town. The train was incredibly rough, loud, and hot, so we got very little sleep. Luckily we'd anticipated this, and booked ourselves a nice (very nice, it turns out) hotel for… Continue reading Sa Pa

Beautiful Chiang Mai

20/03/18 Day 2 in Chiang Mai. Day 1 was iffy; starting with a night train from Bangkok, which was absolutely fine until about 5am when I contracted seemingly the same bug Elliot had had (I guess it wasn't food poisoning). We couldn't check in to our hut until 3pm, so after arriving at 9am we… Continue reading Beautiful Chiang Mai