The End

19/08/18 We're home. Yesterday we flew home from Singapore. The journey was actually fairly enjoyable; we flew with Quatar Airways so it was pretty comfortable and the food was good. Throughout this adventure, I've had very mixed feelings about the time at which it will end. Sometimes, particularly at the beginning, I felt sad that… Continue reading The End

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

02/06/18 I can't quite believe it's June already. Time is going too quickly. Ho Chi Minh City is a crazy, chaotic and noisy city. Although not the capital, it is the biggest city in Vietnam, and also the most liberal and developed. The great speed at which this city has developed is evident in the… Continue reading Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Historical little Hue

14/05/18 Current location: Rodo Cafe, Hue. Drinking an iced ginger tea, and the complimentary green tea which which most cafes here offer; on this occasion, we've been given popcorn flavoured! Sounds so bizarre but it's delicious. We arrived in Hue on the 11th, only for me to be violently hit yet again by some kind… Continue reading Historical little Hue