The End

19/08/18 We're home. Yesterday we flew home from Singapore. The journey was actually fairly enjoyable; we flew with Quatar Airways so it was pretty comfortable and the food was good. Throughout this adventure, I've had very mixed feelings about the time at which it will end. Sometimes, particularly at the beginning, I felt sad that… Continue reading The End

Koh Tao

02/07/18 Koh Tao; what a place. A tiny little island with so much life. Business seems to revolve around the snorkelling and scuba diving industry here, which I guess is akin to the vast coral reefs and marine life in the surrounding seas. As much as we would have loved to do a scuba diving… Continue reading Koh Tao

Koh Phangan

27/06/18 I'm really happy with the route we devised to travel. Looking back, we were so incredibly busy the first 8 weeks of our journey; constantly going from city to city with jam packed itinerarys and very little chill time (obviously all time is chill time when you're travelling but you know what I mean).… Continue reading Koh Phangan

The Mekong Slow Boat

We'd heard that the two-day slow boat trip from Huay Xai (Thailand) to Luang Prabang (Laos) was absolutely awful, and so we were prepared for the worst. There were two alternatives; a 12 hour bus, which I didn't fancy, or a 6 hour speed boat, which Lonely Planet had deemed unsafe due to the number… Continue reading The Mekong Slow Boat