The End


We’re home.

Yesterday we flew home from Singapore. The journey was actually fairly enjoyable; we flew with Quatar Airways so it was pretty comfortable and the food was good. Throughout this adventure, I’ve had very mixed feelings about the time at which it will end. Sometimes, particularly at the beginning, I felt sad that it would one day end at all, and even anxious about what I would do afterwards. However, as time went on I became excited to have routine back in my life; to have a job and a flat. Now I’m back I feel a bit of both. My bed has never felt so comfortable, and I’m incredibly excited to have a bath, but I’m simultaneously sad that I won’t be waking up faced only with the difficult decision of where we want to explore today.

To conclude my Southeast Asia blog series, I wanted to do a little roundup of my highs and lows, as well as some interesting numbers I kept a track of. So here goes!

1) Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai – an absolutely incredible day.
2) Battambang cultural tour – a really raw and honest insight into Cambodian culture with a really knowledgeable guy, Bun.
3) Ankgor Wat – just breathtaking.
4) Koh Tao snorkeling – the most incredible variety of fish and coral reefs; I actually shed a tear into my mask.
5) Gardens by the Bay light show – a beautifully futuristic end to our adventure.

1) Seeing thousands of children that will never go to school and never have opportunities like we do.
2) Earthquakes (and leaving knowing we’ll be absolutely fine when they’re still suffering).
3) The awful treatment of elephants.

Our travel totals:
Hotels stayed in: 39
Hospital visits: 2
Hours in transit: 249
Flights taken: 14
Trains: 5
Boats: 8
Full blown arguments: 3
Motorbike accidents witnessed: 4


Im aware this is extremely late; my apologies! We’ve been home almost a month now and have been spending every waking minute attempting (and now succeeding) to become employed! It’s been a stressful time but I’m looking forward to getting settled into a job and flat.

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings, I hope you enjoyed them. Goodbye, until next time!

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