Gili Air, Lombok


Nobody panic, but it’s AUGUST. Crikey where has this year gone. We got a boat from Gili T to Gili Air this morning. Gili Air is the medium sized of the three Gili Islands, and named so as “air” translates to “water” from Indonesian (very confusing), and Gili Air is the only island of the three to have a fresh water well. The other two islands have to ship their fresh water from Lombok.


Today has been so perfect; we haven’t done anything particularly extravagant, it’s just been an all-round lovely day. We started the morning with banana pancakes for breakfast at our bungalow, then we cycled around the island for an hour or so. We stopped for an iced coffee and to chill in a little beach bar, and then cycled to Aura Bowl for lunch. I had a smoothie bowl which was absolutely divine and Elliot had their special Nasi Goreng (fried rice). From there we cycled to the beach. We started by lying on the sand, but it was a little windy today so we were getting a bit sand-blasted. Another couple had abandoned their sunbeds at a beach club nearby so we sneakily commandeered them and avoided paying.

This evening we went for a glorious meal at Ruby’s, where I dared to order Ayam Panggang again. The last time I ate this was the evening we obtained violent food poisoning in Ubud, but up until that point it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had out here. This evening it was equally as good; it’s a dish consisting of grilled chicken on the bone, rice, sambal (a spicy Indonesian pickle), and seemingly whatever else the chef fancies throwing on the plate. This time we had a little taster dish of a green curry on the side and some stir fried veggies.


This morning we got the public boat back over to mainland Lombok from Gili Air (at one twelfth of the price we were conned into paying to go the opposite direction ugh). The landscape is just absolutely stunning here, I actually really enjoyed the boat!

Yesterday we have another peaceful day on the beach on the east coast of Gili Air. Unfortunately we had to pay for our sunbeds at the beach club this time, as we arrived early in the day when it wasn’t very busy, so we couldn’t stealthily commandeer them again. Nevertheless, it meant we were not covered in sand, and we had some beaut pasta for lunch so it was worth it to spend the day there.

In the evening we walked to Aura Bowls, this time for dinner. There was a little girl there when we went for lunch, who it turns out is the daughter of the owners and named Aura! They’re such a lovely family, making really good local food. Gili Air as a whole has an incredibly friendly feel to it; I think because it’s so small, everybody must know and be friends with everybody else, and this family-vibe is then channelled into their tourism as well. Just walking through the streets, many people will say “good morning” or ask how we are, it’s lovely and refreshing.

We’ve really had a perfect couple of days in Gili Air; we’ve definitely had the immaculate, utopian island experience I was dreaming of. We knew that we would love Indonesia, but it’s so pure and paradisiacal that I could quite easily spend another 6 months here, exploring more of the thousands of islands that we’re barely making a dint in.

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