Padangbai, Bali


We are having an absolute nightmare. We arrived in Padangbai, where the boats leave from to go to the Gili Islands (our next location), only to find that all boats have been cancelled due to bad weather out at sea. We have three nights booked here in Padangbai, which gives us 2 days to try to sort out a feasible route. When there’s a will, there’s a way! We went for a walk to see the beach and the sea does look abhorrent, I wouldn’t fancy being on an old rusty boat out there even if they hadn’t been cancelled.


OK so we’re back on track; we settled on flying over to Lombok, then we’ll try to sort out a taxi to the pier and then hopefully the boats that go the very small distance from there to the Gili’s will still be running. This does mean we came up North rather unnecessarily, and have to go back down South to the airport anyway, but Padangbai is still a lovely beach town to spend two days at so it’s fine.

We went to the beach today; there were quite a few brave (stupid?) people attempting to swim in the turbulent sea, but we didn’t fancy risking our lives so we watched from the safety of our sunbeds. The public ferry is actually still running between Bali and Lombok, it’s huge and incredibly slow so I imagine that would be a bit safer in the waves than the smaller fast boat we were going to go on, but we saw a few of them leave today and they still look a bit old and rusty. I’m glad we’ve settled on flying.

This evening we went for a glorious dinner. We arrived at a little beachfront restaurant, where we were directed to choose the fish we wanted from the selection they’d caught today. We picked a nice, chunky red snapper to share, which was then grilled whole on a barbecue across the road! It was beautiful fish, probably the nicest I’ve had on our travels.


Despite the panic of our plans being thrown up into the air, we’ve had a lovely two days on the beach. I finished my book (The Power of Habit by Charles Dunigg, a very interesting read), and started a new one. We’ve had some glorious fish here; we went to a different restaurant this evening where we again picked our fish from the selection they’d caught today, and it was absolutely delicious.

As you know, our next stop is Gili Trawangan. I’m a little apprehensive for the journey, as the only solid plan we have is a flight to Lombok, the nearest big island, from where we’ll be winging it. I’ve got faith that by now our traveller brains will pull through and find a way.

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